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Do you feel stuck, frustrated or just unsure about a challenging situation?


What if the help you have been longing for is with your right now?


Every person in the world is surrounded by a variety of Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters.  And that includes you.  No exceptions. These limitless being of Divine Love and Light want to help you and be a part of your everyday life. 


While they will not make decisions for you, nor tell you your future (because the future is not pre-destined and is created by decisions that you and other people around you make moment by moment); they will give you loving, positive advice as well as spiritual tools to help you make empowering decisions on your journey.


Allow me to help you connect with them.

A True Natural

“Kathryn is an enigma of multi-dimensional skills processing in a magnificent unfolding. She has given me insights that have cleared away the veil of my purpose & intention for this lifetime. A true natural assisting mankind to walk in the fullness of its highest good. Love you always & forever.”  .

Barbara Smeltzer, Quantum Healer


Getting Started

Get to Know the Archangels and Ascended Masters


So who are these limitless Divine Beings that want to help you?  What is the difference between an Archangel and Ascended Master anyway?   

Schedule a Reading


Ready to connect with your Archangels and Ascended Masters?  Kathryn offers custom readings to fit your unique needs and budget.



Updated multiple times a week with channeled messages, Top 5 Lists, and other Tarot, Archangel and Ascended Master goodies.  It's the best way to get to know Kathryn and her reading style.  



Whether it’s an awesome event, an interactive reading on her Facebook page, a group or one-on-one reading; Kathryn has an offering for everyone at every level of spiritual development.


Kathryn has been in-tuned to Archangels and Ascended Masters since she was little.  Her Mom always says that she had imaginary friends that just never went away and found a way to help channel her gifts when she started reading Tarot at age 16. For over 20 years, Kathryn has worked with hundreds of people using her Tarot/Oracle cards as well as her clairaudient gifts to help connect people to their Archangels and Ascended Masters and give them tools to connect to them as well as to Divine Love and Light without an intermediary and she would love to help you as well. 


She is a proud Pit-Bull Mama, is involved in the Mid-Atlantic Metaphysical/Spiritual Community and enjoys traveling to centers of healing around the world.  She hopes to be leading her first group trip to the Ancient City of Tulum in Mexico in May 2020.




Tel: (410) 790-0961