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Top 5 Reasons - Archangel Sandalphon is a Badass!

There is this weird and weak image so many people get whenever Archangel #Sandalphon comes up. Whenever he is mentioned many people make a face and wave him aside for a more ‘powerful’ #Archangel like #Michael, #Raphael or #Metatron. Archangel Sandalphon is the Angel of Music, Sound and Sound Healing and is perceived as a bit of a dandy who sits around strumming a lute all day. Where this concept of him came from is unclear but it has stuck in popular culture and turns many people off from working with him. The sad thing is that he is written off without a chance and he is such a badass.

  1. Sandalphon is actually the prophet Elijah in the Old Testament, who was given the gift by the Divine to transcend Ascended Master status and was upgraded to an Archangel. He was one of only two people to get such an honor, the second was Archangel Metatron, who was the prophet Enoch. Having both transcended, they are considered and treat each other as brothers. If you think Metatron is powerful, you should meet his brother.

  2. Sandalphon does play the lute, but also the sax, drums and every single other musical instrument ever or will ever be created. He loves to tutor and support musicians of all musical types (yes, even Death Metal) because…

  3. Sandalphon uses the frequencies of all types of music to manifest or release. Ever had a shitty day and blare Green Day, Metallica or Black Sabbath? Or have a breakup, pull a Bridget Jones and play “All By Myself”? These are not just cultural cliches, but the frequency of the music is designed to release pent up emotion.

  4. Sandalphon can also clear the energy in a room in a matter of seconds. Have that one friend that is allergic to Paleo Santo or the neighbor who thinks you are smoking pot when you are actually smudging with sage (and calls the cops on you)? There are times where smudging is just not practical so let Sandalphon hook you up with the perfect piece of music (don’t worry he won’t pick anything you don’t like) to clear the energy. He can also create a playlist for any social gathering to keep the energy in the room positive and relaxed. This is super helpful during the holidays or other family gatherings.

  5. Sandalphon is the master of sound frequency and can teach how to use or combine frequencies for a variety of things. From Clearing, Warding, Healing, Emotional Release, Manifesting, Calming or anything in between, Sandalphon can do it and loves to teach others how to accomplish this as well.

Whether he is helping with a sound check with Queen, playing sax with a smooth jazz band or headbanging in a mosh pit - Sandalphon is a multi-talented badass. Let him help you get out of your funk and rock your best life.