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Deck Review: Faerie Blessing Cards

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

It's time to have a #DeckReview fresh out of the box to you. Here is our first look at the Faerie Blessing Cards by #LucyCavendish, Amy Brown (Artist). This is not a #Tarot nor is it an #OracleDeck in the traditional sense; this deck is a departure from what Lucy normally gives us but is instead this deck is much more like Earth Power Oracle by Stacey DeMarco (and if you don't have that one and you are an Empath you should!). Each card gives a unique Fae-blessing to help heal, activate our spiritual senses and open ourselves up to our deep connection to the Earth. Why? It is designed to help heal/rekindle our connection to Nature and the Earth.

The artwork is breathtaking, Amy Brown is an amazing Fae-Artist and brings such a complex view of the Fae without the over the top whimsy other artists tend to do. Check out the official unboxing video on my YouTube Channel.