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Find Your New Favorite: Decks Being Released in Summer 2019

It's June, school is out - vacations are to be planned and taken... and a new crop of excellent #Tarot/#Oracledecks will be released. There are over 15 decks being released in the US alone this summer so I have picked four that resonated with me when I thought of my lovely #VibeTribe (you all). Here are my #NewFavoriteDecks.

Yggdrasil - Norse Divination Cards.

A really awesome looking black and white 81-card Oracle deck helps connect you to the Norse pantheon and full of amazing Norse imagery. Now this is a "boxed kit" and that is Llewellyn-speak for it's not cheap because it includes a real 216-page guidebook inside instead of a pamphlet. This deck looks to be an intensive journey through Norse mythology to guide seekers in the Old Ways and embrace the Divine Warrior within. This deck also appears great for those who want to do some shadow work as well as work with the internal saboteur. Excited about this one. ($31.99 - Llewellyn Publishing)

Oracle of Hidden Worlds.

So this one comes out at the end of summer, but what Favorite Deck list of mine is complete without a #LucyCavendish deck? This one reminds me a bit of Earth Power Oracle, except instead of real physical places to connect with this deck focuses on more on Otherworldly places. Lots of mythology in this deck, mostly Fae, British and Lemurian lore - typical Cavendish topics - but explores the energetic environment, the sacred-level knowledge and blessings store within these places that most people do not have ready access to. Allow this deck to take you on an adventure of self discovery, fun and joyful enlightenment that will be refreshing after the heavy, fiery energies of this phoenix year. I am going to start pre-orders for this one now! ($23.95 - Blue Angel Publishing)

Elle Qui ("She Who") Oracle.

Arwen Lynch-Poe's (of Fairy Tale Lenormand fame) has made a surprisingly gothic and yet whimsical 44- card Oracle deck with an 80-page guidebook. Normally I run away from these but there was something so soulful about the images and the raw, honest messages that I couldn't help but fall in love. This deck will not be for everyone, this deck is about Women as Divine Warriors, Wisdom Keepers and Healers of Deep Compassion. There is a lot of dealing with and healing from trauma with this deck. Men you aren't excluded. If you are working on connecting with the Dark Mother aspect of the Divine or healing from toxic masculine principles then this may be a deck you want to take a look at. ($21.99 - US Games, Inc)

Reiki Oracle Deck & Guidebook.

Created by Claudette Knox and Gena Wilson. Those of you who live in the mid-Atlantic region probably have heard of Shaman Claudette Knox from Aloha Blessings, a popular reader in the area. This 33-card Oracle deck is a combination of Claudette and Gena's over half a century of spiritual experience as seekers, healers and Reiki Masters and includes a 92-page illustrated guidebook. Each card channels a different frequency of Reiki to break up energetic stagnation and open up the mind and spirit to the Higher Consciousness. The artwork is a combination of Reiki symbols from different Reiki traditions as well as classic-style Japanese art. Great for Reiki Masters, students are those curious about how Reiki can impact your life. ($21.99 - US Games, INC)

So what do you think? Any of these decks on your "must-have" list? Maybe I didn't include a deck you are looking forward to? Please comment your thoughts below.

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