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Let’s Talk Tarot: Creating An Intention for a Reading

One of the most important parts of a reading happens before the reading even starts; it’s setting the intention. So in a previous #LetsTalkTarot, we chatted about why you should get a reading and also why you shouldn’t get a reading so now it’s time to take the next step with that knowledge. It is time to talk about setting an intention. The intention is the reason for the reading, it’s why you want a reading in the first place.

Some intentions for readings can be as simple as:

  • What do they want me to know?

  • I need guidance with a situation.

  • I keep seeing (insert animal or insect here) and was wondering if that was a message.

  • What is my spirit animal?

Questions for the Tarot, #Archangels, and #AscendedMasters doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact the more open ended the intention the more information you can get. Want to know the beauty about the intention? You don’t even have to tell the reader (although I do ask my quarants to summarize it in one word to make sure they have created one instead of willy-nilly sitting for a reading). Why? Because if you do not set an intention, you risk getting information you aren’t interested in at this time. Your #SpiritSquad will assume you want information they want to tell you. Wait… cannot they just magically know what you want? The Law of Free Will keeps them from imposing on you and just peeking into your heart and mind to see what intention you want to set. You have to do it for yourself. I know, that pesky Law of Free Will - it makes everything so much more difficult. Like we have to do our own spiritual work and stuff and ask for what we want. (Yes, that was a touch of sarcasm.)

So tips for creating an awesome intention are…

  1. Keep the question or concept open ended, never put a possible solution (even one you really, really, really, REALLY want) as part of the intention.

  2. Keep the intention focused on you and not another person. The only person your Spirit Squad can talk to you about is just you. Not your kids, spouse or anyone else.

  3. Keep the intention positive; how can I make a situation better at work is much better than how can I get my bitchy coworker fired?

  4. Keep it simple. The intention doesn’t need a back story (spoiler your Spirit Squad knows it already) or justification why you need the information you are requesting. Just ask already. <3 <3 <3

So do you have any special way to create an intention for a reading? I would love to read about it in the comments below. Until next time, my darlings, my the Light always guide you and remember your Spirit Squad always has your back.