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Let's Talk Tarot: Difference between Oracle, Tarot and Lenormand Decks

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Greetings darlings, #LetsTalkTarot! This post is near and dear to my heart and is one of my most popular talks, but since I know no one wants to read an entire essay on the topic I am going to keep it simple. In America along, there are many different types of card readings. For the sake of this discussion, we are only going to talk about #Oracle, #Tarot and #Lenormand. My apologies for an Fin-De-Siecle fans out there.

Whenever anyone goes into a reading, they want information. Many don't realize they have a choice of how they get this information or what type of information they have access to. While they fundamentally work the same, Tarot, Oracle and Lenormand access Divine Wisdom differently and give information in radically different ways. How? It's the intention of the deck and how it is set up. Because I am a historian, I am going in Chronological Order.

Lenormand - created during the French Revolution by Mademoiselle Lenormand, it uses 38 Enlightenment symbols (totally different than traditional Tarot symbolism) and discusses in great detail how the 38 different types of energy are active in your reality and influencing your decisions. There is no advice given by this deck, it's the Joe Friday "Just the Facts, Ma'am" deck. Left-brained people and those who have claircognizance seem to really enjoy and get the most out of the Lenormand system.

Tarot - the first modern version is the Tarot De Marseilles (first officially named in 1856) but it's most popular form is the Rider-Waite was published in 1909/1910. (Nope, not getting into the Rider-Waite / Thoth Tarot debate). The Rider-Waite deck combined the Tarot De Marseilles with mystic symbolism used in the Order of the Golden Dawn to make this (in)famous deck. The deck is split up into two different sections - the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana talks about overarching themes and energies in one's life, while the Minor Arcana talks about the everyday challenges and successes. The Tarot is designed to give information about the energies in your life as well as the direction you are headed in, but the Tarot also gives advice on how to change your direction if you do not like where you are going. Tarot is wildly popular because of the types of information that it gives and has the most mass appeal because of its reputation. Insert creepy/mysterious Hollywood music here. Keep in mind though, Tarot is balanced with the information it gives. If you just want some advice or understanding of a situation then you are looking for....

Oracle - there is a debate about the history of Oracle cards so not getting into it, but Oracle cards (unlike Lenormand and Tarot) do not have a strict uniform system. Oracle cards are the black sheep of the Cartomancy family and threw out all the rules and do their own thing. Oracle cards (unless they are designed to include this information) rarely talk about the future. They are all about the here and now. Another thing that sets Oracle cards apart is that instead of connecting to the entirety of Divine Love and Wisdom, they connect to one aspect of it (Oracle of the Dragonfey connects to Dragons and Fae for example). Giving details, specialized readings and advice on a certain topic instead of the general advice often given by Tarot. Oracle decks can be combined with Tarot decks for more detailed advice (as long as the decks get along) but never with a Lenormand deck.

So the next time you decide to have a reading find a reader that uses the type of cards you want to be read with so that you get the information that you are looking for instead of settling for the information you can get. <3 <3 <3

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