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Let's Talk Tarot: Don’t Fear the Reaper- Why the Death Card is Actually a Good Thing

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

It’s time to turn up “Don't’ Fear the Reaper” from Blue Oyster Cult and have a chat about one of the most misunderstood Tarot cards in the set: the Death Card. This card (along with the Devil Card but that’s a topic for next week) is so feared that a few modern Tarot decks have either turned the card into a fluffy, diabetic-coma-inducing sweet card or have just taken it out altogether. This is a tragic mistake because that archetype is alive and well in our lives today if we like it or not, and to attempt to deny its existence isn’t going to make that less true.

“So what?” goes the argument, “No one likes their mortality thrown in their face, right”? While that may be true, that is totally missing the entire purpose of the Death Card.

The Death Card does not mean physical death. Period.

The Grim Reaper often found in the Death Card artwork, is not a villain or murderer. He does not kill people but instead ushers their soul to the next life. He is a vehicle of change and transition.

You guessed it, just the Death Card.

The Death card is about change and transition in your life, anytime there is change something is coming to an end and that is a death. Death just means ending with a new beginning. Now, granted, not all changes are good, nor are they all bad either. Death is just giving you a heads up that change is coming to give you time to prepare for it. Depending on the intention of the reading, the Tarot may discuss the change in detail or may mention it in passing to let you know that the situation you feel stuck in is gonna shift soon.

So the next time someone flips over the Death card, don’t scream and run away (true story, that happened to me with a client years ago) but instead open yourself up to the messages the Reaper has to offer you and take her/his advice to heart. Change is coming, step into the flow of life instead of fighting it and see where this new transition of energy takes you.

Need help healing the fear around the Death Card - ask #ArchangelAzrael, #ArchangelMichael and #LadyIsis for help.

So what is your favorite version of the Death Card? Mine is in the Robin Wood Tarot used in the graphic above. I would love to see pictures of your favorite Death card in the comments. Want more #LetsTalkTarot? See the previous or the next post.