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Let's Talk Tarot - The Power of the Tower

The Tower is from the Morgan-Greer Tarot.

So let’s finish off our this mini #LetsTalkTarot series on the most misunderstood cards in the Major Arcana - the Tower. Often believed to the Tower of Babel, the Tower card is often depicted as a grim picture of death and destruction as the Tower begins to fall down. Just like with the Death Card, many assume the picture is literal instead of symbolic and that destruction and/or tragedy are headed their way directly.

While this image fits into the fears of Tarot bringing doom and gloom prophecies to all that seek a reading, rarely does anyone think to ask - hey, why is the Tower falling in the first place? Now those that believe that the Tower is the Tower of Babel will give a sermon-type explanation about God’s punishment for being wicked (which has nothing to do with the Ziggurat of Babylon, the historical Tower of Babel, which fell due to being made of mud-brick which was crumbling after nearly a century after it was constructed and lack of funding for the restoration).

So if we put aside the Tower of Babel argument, what else could cause such a massive Tower to just keel over? Structural issues AKA the foundation. Just like with the Ziggurat of Babylon, the foundations are weak and made from a substance that crumbles over time - it is not strong nor is it made to last. It must be continually restored but if it is restored with the same old poor quality building materials then it will need to be kept up - a costly process in both time and money. What the Tower is trying to warn us about is the foundation of our thinking and self-worth. It is made with mud brick or limiting beliefs about ourselves or our reality. Our limiting beliefs are the framework of which we see the world and ourselves. Think of it another way, limiting beliefs are like putting Windows 95 on a state of the art computer - it would only live up to a fraction of it’s potential because of its operating system. Our beliefs about ourselves and our world are our OS. The more limited our beliefs the older our OS and the more we untapped potential we have because we don’t realize the totality of what we can actually do.

The Tower is here to tell us to check our Foundations, our belief system and go through it belief by belief and see if there is any we are ready to upgrade with better quality materials. It also has zero issues dealing out some tough love if you have been holding on to some out-dated beliefs just because they are comfortable or do not want to change. Check your Foundations because if you don’t something is going to happen - foundational issues can only be ignored so long before they start having huge structural impacts. Luckily it never has to get that far, as long as we open ourselves up to the message of the Tower, receive it’s warning not in a fear-space but in a love-space we can make the necessary upgrades before it’s too late. The Power of the Tower is beautiful in its simplicity - change the way you think (especially about yourself) to change your life.

Has the Tower ever called you out before? Share your story in the comments. If you want more #LetsTalkTarot check out the previous or next post in the series.