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Let’s Talk Tarot - When You Should Get a Reading

So I have written a blog post about when it’s not such a hot idea to get a reading, but in this #LetsTalkTarot I want to talk about when it’s a good idea to get a reading. Readings are loving, positive, uplifting experiences. And I am telling you this from the point of view of a querant. I was a querant years before I was a professional reader and still have a reader or two I connect with on a regular basis. But wait, I can hear the question (the joys of being a #clairaudient) ‘But you are a reader, can’t you just read for yourself’? I could and do pull 1-3 cards daily for myself but I am human with an Ego and sometimes Ego likes to try to worm its way into my readings. Which is why I like a neutral or third-party reading once in a way.

So when should you get a reading? When:

  1. You want to check in with your #Archangels and #AscendedMasters to see how things are going.

  2. Something just feels off and you don’t know what it is.

  3. You are stuck in a rough patch and need some validation and advice.

  4. You think you have a new Archangel and/or Ascended Master in your life.

  5. You want to win the lottery. NO! Kidding. Just checking to see if you were still reading instead of skimming the list.

  6. You need guidance about a big decision.

  7. You are afraid of a change or just need a bit of cheerleading from your #SpiritSquad

  8. Want to foster a closer relationship with your Spirit Squad.

Readings are about fostering a connection with Archangels and Ascended Masters or your Spirit Squad. Whenever you need to feel that connection, to feel their love and support that is exactly when you need a reading. Your mind and heart will be open to their loving, positive messages and be able to put their information to good use. When your heart and mind are open, that is when the readings are the most powerful and do the most good in your life. Is there a certain time of the year or event that inspires you to get a reading. Share your story in the comments!