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Let’s Talk Tarot - Why You Shouldn’t Get a Reading?

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

What? Is this clickbait? Why would I write a blog post on why someone shouldn’t get a reading? Am I going to be bad mouthing other readers and giving you tons of juicy gossip? No. I am not. There are plenty of great reasons to get a reading mentioned in my in my last #LetsTalkTarot post, but it’s equally important to understand there are times when it is not a good idea to get a reading.

The biggest is when you are so focused on an outcome that you cannot be open to what information the reading can give you. Let’s have an example, an individual is hellbent that the #Tarot, #Archangels and #AscendedMasters are going to give them the green light to do something that they refuse to accept any other option. Like what? A querant kept asking to ask the Archangels and Ascended Masters again and again and again for support for their decision (which their Spirit Squad refused to give), finally they broke down and screamed at me. Their #SpiritSquad could not give this person the go-ahead to do something that they desperately wanted their permission to do (which was to have an affair as I happened to find out later). Instead, come to the reading with your mind and heart open, ready to receive the information lovingly given to you. If you know you cannot do that, then a reading is a waste of your time and money.

If your intention of the reading is to get information on someone other than yourself, then don’t get a reading. What you are asking for is against the Law of Free Will and against the other person’s privacy, it also breeds bad karma. Archangels and Ascended Masters will not dish the dirt on another person, even your own child, instead they will try to turn the conversation back to you and your fears/concerns with the situation. Readings are all about you, not anyone else and if you just ant information on someone else only then don’t bother getting a reading; it will only annoy and upset you when your request is denied by the Divine.

Is your intention to have a reading to scream at your Archangels, Ascended Masters and the Divine? Don’t have a reading. Don’t scoff, this has happened before where people schedule a reading just to scream at “God”. The reader will shut down the reading, keep your money and 9 times out of 10 never read for you again - as well as warn other readers in their metaphysical network about you. If you are having a spiritual crisis, go talk to a Minister/Priest/Pastor or whoever is in charge of the spiritual group you belong to. It’s free and they are better equipped to help you.

That above point addresses something important, so important I want to give it it's own separate paragraph: a reading is not a substitute for therapy or pastoral care. Having a reading is not designed to replace therapy, most readers are not certified therapists or psychologists. There is no shame in needing professional help, especially when dealing with a traumatic experience, anxiety or depression. As much as they love you and want to support you, they know humans need to do their own work and that includes the mental and emotional work as well. There was a querant that was grieving a deep loss, a devastating loss, and they thought that getting professional help made them weak (as I found out after the situation happened) so instead they scheduled a reading. The querant had a complete and utter breakdown during the reading, one where I thought I would need to call an ambulance because they could not breathe. In this extreme case, the reading did more harm than good

While the above example is rare, this next one happens more frequently: getting repeated readings to ask the same exact question. Now readings that set the intention of ‘what should I know’ or something similar is a good repeated question and is highly recommended when setting an intention but other questions like ‘will my boy-/girlfriend leave their spouse’ or ‘will I get that new job’? is not. You won’t believe how many times I have gotten the ‘leave their spouse’ one, so many times that I have it on my Intentions I will Never Read For Again list. Repeated questions like that are obsessing over an outcome where one is powerless; most likely you didn’t like the outcome last time so you have done something to see if the outcome has changed. One of the querant’s with the ‘pre-existing spouse’ problem decided to try to get pregnant to see if that would make their lover leave their spouse. No, I wish I was kidding and that was the last time I ever read for that person (my decision). Repeatedly asking the same question is just another way of trying to control an outcome of the situation - just want to be told exactly what you want to hear and using the reading to manipulate the situation until you get the outcome that you want. That is not what a reading is for, and most readers (myself included) will stop reading for querants if they ask the same question more than twice in a row or repeatedly within a years time.

There are times when a querant should not get a reading and when getting a reading would cause more harm than good. Be honest with yourself when you are preparing to schedule a reading, why are you getting this reading and what do you hope to get out of it. If your intention is to get a certain outcome, vent toxic emotions or get information on another person then skip the reading. Save yourself the expense, frustration and the heartache.

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