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Lightworkers Oracle Reveal 7/22

Please do not click on this post unless you have already selected a card for this month's Lightworkers Oracle Reading.

Right (1) – Wisdom of the Divine Feminine. You must dare to dream, to desire, to hope and to visualize what you want out of life. It is through allowing yourself to dream that you can put the vision in place to make life better for yourself. Your vision is your guide, your focus and will inspire you to take action to move toward your goal.

Center (2) – Alchemical Mutation. Spiritual growth changes your energy, physical, and emotional/mental body and prepares to fulfill all aspects of your Divine destiny/life path. It is indeed real, you are not crazy and be prepared for more changes as you progress spiritually. New spiritual talents or abilities will open to you at this time and attract newer and higher energy frequencies to you. This entire process may seem overwhelming and strange but will bring you joy.

Left (3) – Divine Talents. You have been given a set of talents to help you find joy as well as fulfill your life’s mission and while these talents may not seem that awesome compared to other people; they are perfect for you. Stop comparing yourself to other people and embrace your talents and enjoy the pleasure that they bring you.