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Meet an Ascended Master: Albertus Magnus

“Who is Albertus Magnus?”

“Isn’t that just another name for St. Germaine?"

“I want to work with a much more powerful Ascended Master then that guy!”

These are the normal responses to learning that Albertus Magnus wants to work with someone. He is not an #AscendedMaster well known in popular culture; books, meditations, videos, and blogs haven’t been dedicated to him so it is assumed he is unimportant and weak.

Weak? #AlbertusMagnus? Now that is funny.

So who is he then? Albertus Magnus was a monk and teacher in Medieval Europe. Keep in mind, if someone during this period wanted access to Higher Education they needed to be employed by or join a Holy Order as the Catholic Church dominated education. This was done for a variety of reasons, the biggest dealing with conflicts within the Catholic Dogma, the Bible and other Church practices during this period. One of Albertus’ most famous students, St. Thomas Aquinas, spent his life trying to solve these conflicts.

Albertus believed that knowledge and education were more than boosting the power of the Catholic Church and found himself drifting away from acceptable forms of study until he latched on to a Spiritual Science that came from China - Alchemy. Now Albertus wasn’t interested in turning Lead to Gold, or the Elixir of Immortality as many others who dabbled in this field where. Instead, Albertus was fascinated by the transmutation of matter, which he discovered had to do with frequencies and resonance of energy.

“Energy is not some out there, airy-fairy concept or needs a degree in Quantum Physics to be able to use. Energy can be harnessed simply by combining the intention with positive action steps.” - Albertus

The applications for this type of resonance were endless and could solve many of the issues people faced in his day, especially the peasants who made up over half of Europe’s population and were extremely poor. The only reason Albertus was not tried for heresy or witchcraft was because he never used the knowledge to challenge the Church and his reputation as a master teacher and as a pious man.

“There is a difference between being pious and being self-righteous. A pious person lives their life according to spiritual principles and is a beacon of Light without judgment for all. Self-righteous people believe themselves to be right in all things and sit in judgment of all.”


Upon his death, he was given the opportunity to become an Ascended Master and eagerly took it. He wants to teach people about energy, manifestation, transmutation, and resonance. (Side Note: He will NOT teach people to turn Lead into Gold, create Philosopher's Stones and other hyped-up Alchemical principles because they are lower vibrational applications of Alchemical/Spiritual Principles.) Now, by his own admission, he has mellowed out over the past few centuries, he has an extremely wicked sense of humor. He teaches his lessons with the human condition in mind and the practical application of energetic principals.

“All the theory in the world is completely useless unless there can be a practical application of the principals. Without application, all they are is pretty words.” - Albertus

Working with Albertus Magnus is simple, just an inquiry into his availability normally will have them there immediately and ready is his customized plan on for your hands-on energetic spiritual education. Ready to start manifesting the awesome into your life? Then you are ready to work with Albertus Magnus.

Next month, we will dive into the wisdom of Archangel #Raguel - who is often gets mistaken for #Metatron.