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Top 5 Archangels and Ascended Masters for Cultivating Clairvoyance

It’s the spiritual sense made most (in)famous in popular culture: #clairvoyance or put into simple English, “clear seeing”. It is the ability to see things that exist outside of our 3D reality. These images can appear outside out of minds, but many clairvoyants see with their mind’s eye. These images can be like photographs or mini-movies and do not necessarily come with sound (sound is #clairaudence). 99.99% of humans were born Clairvoyant, all of their spiritual senses were open and working, just like their physical senses but often gets turned off by well meaning adults wanting them to stop playing with imaginary friends.

What happens when someone wants to turn their spiritual sight back on? First they have to face a lot of fears, the biggest one is seeing ghosts or demons (especially demons). This fear can be the hardest one to shake because it tends to be subconscious. As long as you are inherently afraid to see, you won’t. Luckily, overcoming fears are right up your #SpiritSquad alley. So who are the best #Archangels and #AscendedMasters to have on your Spirit Squad to help cultivate clairvoyance?

  1. #ArchangelHaniel is the Archangel of Clairvoyance look no further for the most experienced tutor and advisor on all things Clairvoyant. She is known for her grace and gentleness but she isn’t above tough love if someone is digging their heels in though. Her course of psychic protection for Clairvoyants is legendary and she will make sure those who seek her guidance understand how to use their talents to make the world a better place.

  2. #QueenFand is known for her gifts of vision and where Archangel Haniel is more hands on, Fand is much more academic when it comes to teaching Clairvoyance. Teaching principals and expanding the vision inward before looking outward. Her personality reminds me a lot of an Irish Maggie Smith, and when someone works with Fand, they attend to attract a lot of Fae or Elemental Study Buddies.

  3. #ArchangelMichael is on this list because anything to do with psychic protection and clearing fear is where he shines. He will teach you how to avoid seeing or attracting what you fear seeing. Unlike Haniel or Fand, Michael is much more the school of hard knocks kinda guy, he will always protect those that seek him but he also won’t stop them from making sometimes stupid mistakes - believing that this is the best way to learn. Michael works well with both Haniel and Fand if someone would want to have extra security during this cultivating process.

  4. #LadyIsis may surprise people to be on this list but she is one of the greatest teachers of metaphysical wisdom, taking big and scary concepts and breaking them down into fun-sized chunks that are easily to handle. She understands human fears about Clairvoyance and creates a gentle, empowering curriculum of intellectualized clairvoyance. If someone is more left-brained, academic or data-inclined then Lady Isis is a great teacher and someone to have in your Spirit Squad.

  5. #AlbertusMagnus teaches that all emotion is energy and while he may not specialize in Clairvoyance, he does specialize in energy and can teach techniques on how to deal with fear energy - how to transmute and get it out of your energy body so to easier open the 3rd Eye when the time comes. A lot of fears will crop up when trying to cultivate Clairvoyance and how to handle the fear energy will be an extremely useful tool to have at this time.

Remember, all Archangels and Ascended Masters work well together so you can have one or all of these advisors in your Spirit Squad to help cultivate Clairvoyance. It’s really about which teaching style works best with your learning style and if a seeker/teacher relationship doesn’t work out then there are never any hard feelings - they just want to help cultivate your talents to help you live your best life.

Have you worked with any of these Archangels or Ascended Masters in boosting your Clairvoyance? Share your stories below. Did I miss someone you think belongs on that list? Tell us about it in the comments.