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Creator & Illustrator: Vicki Brewer


Experience Level: Moderate to Advanced


This deck was originally published in black and white by the Church of Light in 1936, Vicky Brewer brought new life to the deck by redrawing the original artwork by Gloria Beresford in full-color.  This is not the traditional Tarot of the Rider-Waite system and explores the mystic traditions of Egypt and the Kabbala with ancient numerology.  Astrology is very important to this deck, in keeping with the mystic tradition of Egypt, and each of the 12 zodiacs and 36 constellations is prevalent in both the Major and Minor Arcana.  

Accompanying the cards is a 48-page instruction booklet is an excerpt from The Sacred Tarot that provides insight into the symbolism of the Minor & Major Arcana and two key popular spreads using this unique Tarot system.  

This deck is for those who are very interested in astrology, numerology, and the Egyptian mystical tradition.  Unlike with other decks that have strong symbolism in the artwork, the symbolism is mostly in the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana is primarily based on numerology.  It's an interesting take on Tarot and expands the skills of even the most advanced reader.

Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot

  • All sales are final - no returns.  Tarot, Oracle, and Lenormand cards are not like a sweater or book that can be easily rehoused, part of your energy is in the cards.  Part of you.  Make sure to study the deck carefully and see if the images resonate with you before purchasing the deck.  Buyer beware.