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The readings are customized to each querant (person receiving the reading).  Each session is started off by setting an intention for the reading (one word only) to guide the energy of the reading to get the information you are seeking.  The readings are all about you!  They give real-world, practical advice you can put in your life right now.  No esoteric or New Age woo-woo concepts here.   So what areas of your life can Archangels and Ascended Masters help with?


  1. Career

  2. Finances

  3. Health/Wellness

  4. Relationships/Sex

  5. Emotions, Grief and Life Changes

  6. So Much More…


Your Race, Ethnic Group, Religion, Sexuality, Gender or other label society has created doesn’t matter to the Archangels and Ascended Masters.  They love you unconditionally as you are right now.


Will you allow them to help you and be a more active part of your life?


If so lets begin our journey together.