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What People Say About a Reading with Me

Still on the fence?  Don’t blame you, connecting with a reader is a very intimate experience and it’s hard to know from just a website if my readings can help you.  Here are what my clients are saying about their experience with my readings.


“Kathryn is the TRUTH! She is down to earth, honest, and thorough! She really takes her time, because she cares about people. Not only are her readings on point, her healing oils are amazing, too!” Michelle Stafford, A Diva Yogi


“Kathryn is AMAZING- the real deal!! As a psychic-medium myself, I'm super picky & very based on validation! She never disappoints!! I'm very grateful for her messages!!” Jess Moser, Living Mediumship


“Incredibly accurate she has a true gift!” Sherri Grove


“Kathryn has always been there for me with extraordinary spiritual guidance. She is a very special, gifted being that I am happy to call my fellow sister.” – Theresa Michaeu


“It has been wonderful to meet Kathryn and listen to her readings. I found her through a friend and have recommended her to everyone I know. Her insight, advice, and guidance were spot on and just what I needed at that time. My kids loved their readings and I found their readings helpful in how I interact with them. I highly recommend meeting with Kathryn!” Meghan S. McDonald


“That was so AWESOME!! You made me feel very comfortable, I was looking for some kind of guidance, at least to help me sort it all out...and now i feel some clarity...thank you again so much! I truly appreciate your insight.” Mary Emelio, Lead Singer of Fierce


“Kathryn is absolutely amazing at what she does. I love learning from her about different oils and cards. She gives awesome readings and is just such a bright and beautiful light in this world. I cannot say enough good about her she has my complete loyalty and trust as a client love her.” Elizabeth Putman


“Kathryn is amazing!!! I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a reading:) she has read my cards many times and is always right on with my current situation.” Darlene McCaul


“Kathryn is an enigma of multi-dimensional skills processing in in a magnificent unfolding. She. Has given me insights that have cleared away the veil of my purpose & intention for this lifetime. A true natural assisting mankind to walk in the fullness of its highest good. Love you always & forever.”  Barbara Smeltzer, Quantum Healer


“Kathryn is totally awesome, I met Kathryn at an Illuminate show. She was giving out single cards with a quick reading. She didn't ask me any questions. When she did my reading for the card, I had chosen she was exactly right on target, so much so, I started getting teary eyed. Kathryn has a wonderful gift and she loves sharing it with everyone. Not only is she great at what she does, but she is a fantastic friend and an absolutely wonderful person. I highly recommend Kathryn. She is truly amazing.” - Kim Gettier Bothe


"I have had several sessions with Kathryn and always receive helpful, valuable, and valid information. Her readings are also fun as she brings in many of my guides and other fascinating helpers to answer my questions and give guidance. Albertus Magnus always come forward to help me. Kathryn is very honest and straightforward with the information she has given me which I appreciate very much. She’s the real deal." - Chris Shaughness


“I love the free readings every week! (On the Oils and Oracles Facebook Page) They have helped me put things in perspective and learn more about myself. Kathryn has been great to get to know along the way. She is super knowledgeable and extremely insightful. I plan to have a full reading with her at some point, but have been enjoying this page and Kathryn's and spirit's) humor.” - Dena DeLaurentis Tyndall


“I got a wonderfully accurate reading a couple weeks ago and was very impressed. I was told to take positive action instead of always trying to please people and the reading gave me strength to make a positive change and be more assertive without the guilt.” -Linda Harris