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Who are the Archangels and Ascended Masters?

So who are these Archangels and Ascended Masters and (more importantly) how can/do they impact your life?


Archangels and Ascended Masters is a term often thrown around but rarely explained.  It consists of two different groups.  Let’s talk about Archangels first, since they are the most well-known.  Over 90% of Americans have heard of Archangels Michael and Gabriel, but there many more.  So what is an Archangel then?  It’s a leader or boss angel in charge of a group (or choir) of angels that fulfill a specific duty. 


Example: Archangel Michael is in charge of security/safety/protection – he is also the guardian or patron of First Responders, Warriors/Soldiers.  His choir is often referred to as the Band of Mercy and help him fulfill his duties.


Not every angel has a specific or full-time job.  There are plenty of helper angels without a specialty that goes where they are needed, as well as Guardian Angels that are assigned to protect and guide an individual person throughout their life.  All living beings have at least 2 Guardian Angels period.  They never leave or are reassigned, regardless of how good or how bad a person is. 


Archangels, like angels, are heavenly beings from Divine Love and are limitless – they can be with all people at once while having a unique/individual experience with every single one.  The 3D laws of time and space do NOT apply to them.  The only law that does apply is the Law of Free Will.  The Law of Free Will states that they may not interfere with any living (unless they are going to die before their time) being unless expressly asked for assistance or intervention.  This does not mean the Angels and Archangels will solve all your problems for you – but they will assist you in any way they can or that you allow them to.



The Archangels love to help to make intentions, focus energy into what you want and need – they are also awesome at curating data on their area of expertise.  While most people in Western Society are familiar with the Archangels Michael and Gabriel there are many more. This is not an exhaustive list, but these are the Archangels I work with and know extremely well.


  1. Archangel Michael – Security, Protection (Physical and Energetic), Clearing.  Patron Protector of First Responders and Military

  2. Archangel Gabriel – Communication (Written or Verbal).  Patron of Writers, Journalists, and Bloggers.

  3. Archangel Raphael – Healing, Health, and Empaths.  Patron of Doctors, EMTs, and Holistic Practitioners.  Michael often teams up with Raphael to clear and dispose of toxic energy while Raphael removes it while healing.

  4. Archangel Metatron - Teacher of Esoteric Mysteries, Spiritual Tutor, and Guardian of Sensitive Children.  Patron of Parents, Children and Beginning a Spiritual Path

  5. Archangel Sandalphon – Music (All-Types), Sound Healing and Clairaudience.  Patron of Musicians and Singers.

  6. Archangel Azrael – Transition Souls from Life to Death (Humans and Animals), Tending to Grieving Families and Help with all types of Grief and Emotional Pain.  Patron of the Dying and Their Families, Hospice Nurses and Workers, Those Undergone Trauma and Mediums

  7. Archangel Haniel – Guardian of Lunar Energy, Grace, and Clairvoyance.   Patron of Psychics, Dancers, and Performers.

  8. Archangel Jofael – Beauty and Beautification (All Types).  Patron of Artists, Designers, and Gardeners.  Also, ask Jofael on your next shopping trip to find amazingly beautiful clothes at great prices.

  9. Archangel Raguel – Often confused for Metatron, Raguel is the Academic whereas Metatron is the Teacher.  Raguel is the keeper of Sacred Geometry, All Esoteric Secrets, Akashic Records and All Knowledge that Ever has or Will Ever Be. Patron of Introverts, Seekers, and Claircognizance.

  10. Archangel Uriel – Learning, Wisdom, Liberal Arts, and Education.  Patron of Teachers and Students Struggling in School.


Ok, awesome and super helpful, right?  As long as one remembers to ask for their help.  So then who are these Ascended Masters then?  Originally this term was reserved for a group of about 30 people that were incarnated on the planet and learned all their life lessons and have ascended to help humankind – kinda sounds like a Bodhisattva from the Buddhist Tradition, right?  Each Ascended Master has a specialization (like the Archangels). Under this classic definition, there are only 30 Ascended Masters since time began.  Around 2000, the term Ascended Master has expanded to include other Divine Beings of the Light who are not angelic in origin.  These include but are not limited to Catholic Saints and Martyrs, Important Biblical Figures (Like Moses and King Solomon), Gods and Goddesses from non-Judeo-Christian traditions, Important Intellectuals and Philosophers (like Confucius, Rumi, and Archimedes) as well as the Fae.  There are tons more qualifications we can add to the list that has been included to the Ascended Master Category.  Why?  Because it’s easier to say Ascended Master then rattle off the ever-increasing list.  But aren’t the original 30 mad? Filters, categories, and classifications are a tool that we humans need to make sense of the world and matters little if any to the original Ascended Masters.  What they do care about is that you seek them out and want to work with them.


In that spirit, I use “Ascended Master” in its popular catch-all term.  Not all Ascended Masters work with all people for energetic, life path or a variety of other reasons.  The Ascended Masters I connect with are:


  1. Lady Isis – the Egyptian Goddess of Nature, Energy and an aspect of the Divine Mother.  Call upon Isis for guidance, deep healing or protection.

  2. Mab (Queen) – Fae Queen of Wales.  Mab can help with your Divine Warrior aspect, Assertiveness, and Sensuality.

  3. Fand (Queen) – Fae Queen of Ireland.  Fand can help you with your Creativity, Vision and Psychic Awareness.

  4. Queen of the Elesthme – Fae Queen of Scotland.  Elesthme can help you tap into your inner-joy and teach about true happiness.

  5. Albertus Magnus – 12th Century Monk and Alchemist.  Magnus can help you with energetic work or manifestation.

  6. Serapis Bey – Compiler of Medical/Health texts at the Library of Alexandra.  Serapis Bey specializes in energetic medicine, stress, and diet; he has an extremely dry sense of humor.

  7. Chang O – Chinese Lunar Goddess.  A loving and strict Grandma energy, Chang O helps with love, relationships and rising above difficulties.

  8. Honey Bee God – Mayan God of Healing, Patron Deity of Tulum.  Honey Bee God is often confusing with other Mayan Deities (especially the Diving God) but instead specializes in Sacred Sexual, Health, Healing Physical and Emotional Trauma.

  9. Aphrodite – Greek Goddess of Love and Sex.  Aphrodite helps with beauty, romantic relationships, and sex.  She does not mince words and can dish out tough love if needed.

  10. Eros – Son of Aphrodite (they normally are a package deal).  Eros helps with overcoming relationship challenges, sexual issues, and negative body image.

  11. Sirius – Egyptian Goddess incarnation of the star Sirius.  A high vibrational entity teaches unconditional love and reaches out to support Star Seeds / Star Children.


Archangels and Ascended Masters work together to provide loving guidance, healing help, and protection from almost whatever life throws at you.  They long to be a part of your life – your every day as well as your spiritual life.


If you have never worked with your Archangels and Ascended Masters before or unsure which Archangels and Ascended Masters are trying to reach out to offer assistance then I invite you to schedule a reading with me.